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A Supernova Silhouette
Ben Cook Ben Cook 5 hours ago

Title: The 2D Distribution of Iron Rich Ejecta in the Remnant of SN 1885 in M31 Authors: Robert… Read More

More Bang for your Buck: Getting the Most out of Your Transit Light Curves
Natasha Batalha Natasha Batalha 5 days ago

The Kepler Mission has measured planet radii and orbital periods for 3,000+ light curves. So what is… Read More

Characterizing Cepheid Light Curves
Caroline Huang Caroline Huang 7 days ago

Distance is a tricky thing to measure in astronomy. We can't use tape measures or rulers, and even m… Read More

Flying Free: A Supermassive Black Hole Kicked Out Of Its Galaxy
David Wilson David Wilson 1 week ago

The space between galaxies, long thought to be a near empty void, is now rapidly being revealed to… Read More


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