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How to destroy a debris disk
Erika Nesvold Erika Nesvold 19 hours ago

Planet-planet scattering can either be a good thing or a bad thing for the planetesimals caught in t… Read More

Most 1.6 Earth-radius planets are not rocky
Ruth Angus Ruth Angus 2 days ago

Artist's impressions of exoplanets are often wrong! Read More

Gamma rays: a window to the first stars?
Chris Faesi Chris Faesi 2 days ago

The longest-lasting, most energetic explosions in the universe might occur in rare stars very simil… Read More

Hide and Seek Planets
Ben Montet Ben Montet 4 days ago

Is CoRoT-7d real, or is it stellar activity masquerading as a planet? Haywood et al. build a noise m… Read More

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