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Chondrule formation by shocks?
Michael Küffmeier Michael Küffmeier 2 days ago

Title: A critical analysis of shock models for chondrule formation Authors: Stammler & Dull… Read More

Gas to Black Holes: Direct formation of a supermassive black hole in galaxy mergers
Andrew Emerick Andrew Emerick 3 days ago

Supermassive black holes (SMBH) likely exist at the center of every massive galaxy in our universe.… Read More

Over My Dead Body: Keeping Dead Galaxies from Forming New Stars
Ben Cook Ben Cook 4 days ago

The authors of this paper pursued a mechanism which could possibly keep dead galaxies from forming n… Read More

A New Way with Old Stars: Fluctuation Spectroscopy
Suk Sien Tie Suk Sien Tie 1 week ago

Astronomers use models to derive properties of individual stars that we cannot directly observe, suc… Read More


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